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In Synkron we bring ideas to life through design and artistic collaboration.

We believe that the best results come from working closely with our clients. To open up a dialogue, do research, conceptualize and prototype.

Through this approach we strive to stay curious, see things from new perspectives and move forward together.

The outcome is a product, which is not only visually striking, but has a meaningful and lasting impact.

Your project defines the work.

Whether it be through video-promos, photography, motion graphics, illustration, or print design, we make your message flow in digital and physical space.


Art direction

With all our productions we seek to find, understand and tell your story in an alluring and memorable way.

A unique visual identity and narrative is really the umbrella of it all. It holds a visual representation of your culture and is what makes up a brand aesthetic that people can tap into and move with.

Research, communication and sharing ideas are key aspects of developing design concepts that match your projects and brand.

Audiovisual graphics

At the heart of Synkron is the live musical experience.

When listening to music we naturally create inner worlds. In Synkron we bring out these worlds and put them into tangible visual form.

Throughout the process we use our skillsets and a wide range of tools to deliver products that lie in the intermediary of art and design - between the audiotive and the visual.


Music video

To us a music video is an expressive art form which complements an artistic vision. In a composition of visual keys and elements it serves to build upon the feeling and overall aesthetic of the music.

In Synkron our responsibility is to coordinate the production, provide visual continuity and bring the designs into reality.

Live session

We love going to concerts and we firmly acknowledge that it is simply impossible to replace the authentic feeling of participating in a live musical experience.

On the other hand we believe that a live session can provide a different point of entry and a type of experience designed specifically for a digital audience.